Style 1 was just a bunch of techniques for using a real sword that Jedi slammed together when they first got lightsabers. Style 2 was all about taking advantage of the lightsabers innate properties, near weightless blade, able to cut through anything with very little force, etc. Basically, fencing for a lightsaber. Speed and technique over all.

Which is incidentally why Obi-wan consistently get’s his ass handed to him by Dooku. Obi-wan isn’t that much worse then him, but his style, Style 3 or the ‘defensive’ style was entirely about defense. Keep yourself safe in the eye of the storm and wait for your opponent to tire and make a mistake. Since style 2(duelist) is very precise, exploiting even the smallest of openings, and light handed, meaning it doesn’t tire the user out, Style 2 is basically a hard counter to style 3(defense). Hence, Obi-wan getting his ass handed to him.

Style 4 is the ‘Agility’ style. Focusing on quick movement and intense offense, dodging for defense rather then parrying. Qui-gon Jinn used this style, but his age slowed him, making him easy prey for Darth Maul. Yoda is considered the best user of this style, as his small size completely negated the styles weaknesses, being poor defense in tight spaces where you don’t have room to dodge.

Style 5 is the ‘Strong’ style. It’s one of the first hybrid styles, mixing in heavy handed attacks from style 1 with defense postures from style 3. Basically, the idea behind it is that while you don’t need a lot of power to cut through people with a lightsaber, you can tire and injure an opponent by basically just hammering on his defenses hard enough and long enough. Eventually, they will crumble. Anakin and Luke Skywalker are both noted users of Style 5, and it’s considered a strong counter to style 2, but is countered by style 3 in turn, hence why Anakin really had no chance against Obi-wan.

Style 6 is the ‘Balanced’ style. Taking equal parts of everything to make sure you always have a tool to fit the situation. No real weakness, except for a lack of advanced techniques from each style, making the user broad, but very shallow. Is the only style that includes dual saber and staffsaber techniques. While generally a poor style all around, Duelists who have attained mastery of all 7 forms, could, in a way, be considered Style 6 users, though only two such people come to mind, Palpatine and Exar Kun, both Sith Lords.

Style 7 is the ‘Aggression’ Style. Focusing on channeling your emotion into combat power and being unpredictable with staccato, unrelenting attacks. Style 7 users are also the most likely to try and ‘psych’ out their opponents with displays of superior power, or using punches and kicks, not to damage or injure, but to unnerve and anger their opponent. All out, unmitigated offense. Darth Maul is basically the patron friggin saint of this style in it’s darker forms.

There is a more balanced form of Style 7 called ‘Vapaad’ however, created by Mace Windu. It focuses on entwining your own anger and rage to that of your opponent, basically feeding on your enemies negative energy. This is extremely difficult and requires equal mastery of lightsaber and force combat, but the result is a Vapaad user facing a powerful Sith is basically on the Force equal of rocket fuel. The more powerful the sith is, the more powerful a Vapaad user will be. Hence, Windu handing Palpatine his ass.

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Sometimes nice guys are just misunderstood.

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"The Palantíri weren’t made by Sauron, they were created by the Ñoldor."

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Music Box of the Dragonborn (79,311 plays)

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İngiltere’de gelgit

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Pretty much every single old norse story


Pretty much every single old norse story

Benim olsan sen?

Benim olsan sen?

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Diablo logic.


Diablo logic.



Sanctuary World map (Diablo II & Diablo II Lord Of Destruction)Mapping by: SolomirDesign by: AtrumentisBlizzard Entertaintment


Sanctuary World map (Diablo II & Diablo II Lord Of Destruction)

Mapping by: Solomir
Design by: Atrumentis

Blizzard Entertaintment

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saewulf said: You come to an intersection on your dungeon crawl. To the left is a door with fresh cut marks on it. To the right is a wooden chest in an alcove (soft laughter is coming from the chest). Which way do you go?




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